Scheduling Policy

We will schedule your job to begin on a SPECIFIC DAY and will follow-up EACH DAY thereafter,

We will schedule your job to begin on a SPECIFIC DAY and will follow-up EACH DAY thereafter, until we are finished. We CAN NOT schedule a SPECIFIC TIME of day because so much of what we do is subject first come first serve, among other things. Therefore, particular phases are subject to change throughout each day and during these times we follow-up on other jobs that are in progress. Our FIRST PRIORITY is to do the VERY BEST job we can on Kitchen, Bathroom Remodeling and floor covering projects at your home, and to make you glad that you select our company.Our SECOND PRIORITY is to stay as close to the predicted schedule as we can without taking any short cuts or sacrificing the quality of our work.In order to do our VERY BEST job, we sometimes take longer than projected and the schedule must be change during the course of each day to accomplish this.Sometimes it works the other way and we finish a bit earlier than estimated.When such schedule changes occur, please be assured that changes are MANDATORY if we are to deliver the CUSTOM STYLE work you have contracted.We will do all possible to keep you advised as work proceeds, however, your assistance through flexibility and arrangement for a key when you cannot be available to let the mechanics in and out is required for us to accomplish our VERY BEST work.Thank you for your understanding when we make minor changes to our arrival time or our finish time. It is done to ASSURE that we deliver the BEST-FINISHED PRODUCT to our entire customers.Finally, although we give a TENTATIVE SCHEDULE on the phone, it is not confirmed or written on the DAILY SCHEDULE until we have received a deposit and a contract is signed.In order for us to continue to maintain our reputation for quality, NO EXCEPTIONS can be made to our scheduling policy.

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